A      M   U   S   T      H   A   V   E      F   O   R      E   V   E    R   Y      B   E   A   C   H      B   A   B   E

Relax in comfort on your Mahli beach pillow

A Mahli Beach Pillow is a 'must have' for every beach babe.

 You will never go to the beach the same way again. Forget about lying on your bag, forget the tacky inflatable option, you need comfort and style! A Mahli beach pillow is just as important as your bikini and beach towel. Tan, or simply relax in comfort. As practical as they are pretty. 

Fill with sand

Simply fill with sand

Fill your Mahli beach pillow with a few scoops of sand when you arrive at your destination. Relax in comfort, tan, swim and enjoy. Then it's as easy as pouring out the sand and stashing your Mahli beach pillow back into your bag. So light weight and oh so easy!

Travel easy

Mahli beach pillows are designed for relaxing outdoors and taking them to your favourite beach is simple. When empty, your Mahli beach pillow rolls up snug and can be stashed easily in a handbag or beach bag. No mess and no bulkiness. Pure bliss!

The finer details

Mahli beach pillows are hand made with love, care and attention down to every last finer detail. Created on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Mahli beach pillows feature only the finest water resistant material, luxe trimmings and finished with a raw tan label. The quality is in the details!

Most importantly, Mahli beach pillows are water resistant.

Mahli beach pillows were created and designed for the beach. So go ahead, get it wet, get it sandy and soak up some sunshine.  They are made from the highest quality water resistant material, water beads and runs straight off. Super fast drying, super functional and super comfortable. What are you waiting for! 

Festival Vibes

Featured by A Bikini A Day & Devin Brugman

Mahli beach pillows were featured in the 2017 Festival Vibes Lookbook from A Bikini A Day, Devin Brugman and Tash Oakley. See the full feature by clicking below.

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